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Real Estate Funding Options


One, of many, popular real estate concerns often involves questions surrounding financing.  Financing plays a role in all non-cash closings, and while liquidity will often trump financing, having the accessibility to leverage transactions and achieve the investment property you are looking for often comes down to financing.


Knowing how and where to look for financing, then, becomes as integral a part of your home search as the home itself. Knowing the pro's and con's of each financing platform can help you make the best financial decision.


We have constructed private, portfolio lending options that fit every level of investor: entry to seasoned. Our 4.9% interest rate is on par with most conventional loan rates, but does not involve the hassle of providing income documents, undergoing lengthy loan requirements, or a 30 day waiting period. Lending is asset-based and available immediately, so that you can close in 48 hours. So, finding the option that best fits your needs has now become a passion of ours.

Contact your local investment director at WC Equity Group to determine eligible financing options. Not all properties are eligible for financing.